Are you ready to explore the mystic world under the blue water of Fethiye?  If you are planning a holiday in Fethiye, we strongly recommend you to explore the possibilities that the region offers you. If you need detailed information on this subject, you can read our blog about Fethiye Travel Guide.

There is really no limit for daily activities in Fethiye. One of these activities is the diving organizations that you will perform in the blue and clear waters of Fethiye.

We recommend you to choose the tours that organized in this subject. In this way, you can have the chance to fully benefit from this organization accompanied by professionals without being dependent on a single region  .

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Fethiye Diving Tour is organized by professional team and equipment to explore the underwater world of Fethiye.  Participants do not have to special skill, experience or prior knowledge . There is no age limit to participate and explore this magical world.The organization, which begins in the early morning and continues to the sunset, has become a mostly choice for vacationers who want to explore the magical world under cool waters.

An excellent Experince  Starting With Boat Tour

These organizations start  with a boat tour with the short-term information and tips of expert instructors. These clues are a precursor of enjoyable and full of exploration underwater time.  The adrenaline filled diving tour starts after getting detailed information about the sea creatures , the natural beauties and features of the area during the underwater diving.

How Performs Fethiye Diving Tour Program ?

The dive boat, which starts with the colorful lights of the morning, first anchors in Dalyan region.  The tour, which starts as a boat tour, provides two diving experiences in the morning and afternoon for guests who wish to explore the depths of the sea

Before the dive tour , the participants are informed about how to use the professional diving equipment which is  distributed .  And everybody become ready for the discovery of the world,  the mysterious waters of the Dalyan region .

After performing the dive activity in the morning, a lunch program with a light menu that will not exhaust your stomach before the second dive

In the second part of the day in your diving , you can have a chance to see many sea creatures.  This time, our route is  Aquarium bay where is one of the most popular spots in terms of diving . You can live an unforgettable experience in Fethiye's endless blue sea by feeding sea creatures with your hands under water.

You can also have chance to take pictures and videos during this unique underwater experience.

Diving tour boats are equipped with the latest equipment, sunbathing and covered areas. You can spend  your time by using sunbathing part of the boat of this unique day

We strongly recommend this adrenaline filled organization that you can participate even if you do not know how to swim without any precondition.

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