Fethiye Jeep Safari Adventure

For those seeking an unforgettable adventure and the chance to explore a variety of historical sites that have stood the test of time, we offer a special jeep safari in the Patara region. Welcoming anyone with a spirit of adventure and a desire to experience the thrill of off-road travel and discover inaccessible areas. From an enjoyable adventure to a cultural activity, you can find everything on this exciting tour. Visiting the ancient city of Tlos, which has a history of approximately 4000 years, is part of this tour, offering you a wonderful tourist visit opportunity. You can see rock tombs, different baths, and ancient theaters that date back to the rule of 4 different empires. Yakaköy, famous for its cold water springs, is also located on the route. You can also visit the natural park-like trout farms here. We offer you this pleasure in Fethiye at very affordable prices for you to spend a magnificent day.


An Exciting Day with the Special Jeep Safari Tour

While visiting different architectural structures and cultural textures that have stood strong from the past to the present, you can also have the opportunity to see rivers and villages in lush forests. Moreover, you can make the most of an open buffet provided exclusively for you, serving the region's flavors, alongside the magnificent natural beauty of Saklıkent, which is famous for its river that flows with a great sound.

With this special Fethiye tour that we organize to add joy to every aspect of your life and satisfy you, we provide you the opportunity to pass through rugged and dirt roads with high-quality jeeps. Thus, we offer you the chance to experience the excitement and thrill at the highest level while coming through magnificent natural areas.


A Fulfilled and Wonderful Fethiye Jeep Safari Adventure

The tour, which starts early in the morning for the Patara region, will not end until you have experienced everything. Especially Saklıkent, which has one of the world's most amazing canyons and is visited by many different tourists from all around the world, also offers you a completely different safari experience in these canyons. We offer you the opportunity to stay here to see this magnificent view that was formed millions of years ago, and provide you with an hour to take photos and videos.

Additionally, you can enjoy rafting or experience a mud bath within the scope of our organization, which has been formed completely naturally and made it more special. After the magnificent tour filled with fun and adventure on rugged roads, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun at the wide Patara beach. Patara beach, known as the nesting area for caretta carettas, will offer you a different swimming experience.

After experiencing this whole amazing day with special jeeps that have a high-quality and comfortable interior, we are proud to offer you the same joy on the way back. Moreover, you can carry out this magnificent organization at very affordable prices and have the chance to do it individually or with your friends or family.

  • Fethiye Jeep Safari

    "Positive also''

  • Fethiye Jeep Safari
    Hatice Türkmen

    Seaside Travel acentasından cip safari turu aldık sabah konakladığımız otelden aldılar çok eğlenceliydi biraz fazla ıslandık ama olsun:) herkese iyi tatillet dilerim

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    Joanna Fraser

    I would like to do this day trip, where do you pick up from Gocek

  • Fethiye Jeep Safari

    Otelden alınıp, geri bırakılıncaya kadar çok güzel vakit geçirdik. (Sabahın erken saatinde ıslanmak, tüm gün eğlence, su savaşları; size göreyse :)) Özellikle rehberimiz Mehmet bey ve fotoğrafçımız İlker beye sonsuz teşekkürler. Çok memnun kaldık. Bu ekip harika.

  • Fethiye Jeep Safari

    Hersey cok guzeldi AMA BUYUK HUSRAN FOTOLARIMIZA ULASAMADIK BELLİ BİR SÜRE .neyseki sonra ulaşıp fotografları verdiler herşey çok güzeldi çok teşekkürler

  • Fethiye Jeep Safari

    We participated in the safari tour. Having fun in the water war is great. The drivers are really nice. The jeeps are comfortable. The places to visit are very nice and thank you guys.

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