• Fiona Kay (Dalyan - Turtle Beach)


    Went on the Dalyan mud bath trip. It was a long day, we left the hotel at 8am and got back about 7.30pm. The trip was very good, enjoyed the mud bath experience and the turtles at turtle beach. Ozy at the Oludeniz town shop was very helpful, we also booked a turkish bath with him

  • Emma (Dalyan - Turtle Beach)


    Saklikent trip. We booked the trip through the Oludienez office. They collected us from the hotel in a minibus, there was 12 of us in the trip 6 Turkish and 6 English and through out the whole trip the guide called Icesee (I don't know how to spell it) made us feel special. Icesee told us she grew up in the area and used to play in the tombs as a child, she knew everything about the area even walking up to show us the original sliding doors of one of the tombs (you wouldn't have noticed this otherwise). I have to say this trip would have been a great trip with any guide but it was made spectacular by our guide Icesee. Thankyou for a fantastic day.

  • Emma (Dalyan - Turtle Beach)


    Dalyan - Turtle Beach. We booked the Dylyan trip with the local seaside travel office in Oludienz. The trip was fantastic and the guide went to great extent to make the day a memorable one. from the mud baths to the tombs to the turtle beach seeing turtles in their natural habitat. There was a photographer with us for the day, I hate having my picture taken but my husband wanted some, I have to say these photos where exceptional (even I liked the ones of me). These photos do come at an additional cost but you get to look at them before deciding if you want them, they were £20 per party for all the pictures taken of the day which looking at the quality was fantastic quality.

  • Emma Driver (Dalyan - Turtle Beach)


    Fantastic day out, would definitely recommend.

  • Josh W (Saklıkent(George))


    I visited Tlos and Saklikent with Seaside Tours and enjoyed an exciting and informative tour. The sights are very impressive, and guide Aysi lit up the journey with her boundless energy. She was great! The tour pace was relaxed and we had plenty of time for activities at Saklikent. Highly recommend Seaside Tours to anyone in Fethiye or Oludeniz!

  • Kirsty Brady (Ephesus - Pam. ( 2 Days ))


    We have just returned from this 2 day tour. It was spectacular! Yelcin our guide made the trip one to remember, he is very knowledgeable, good fun and kind hearted! Thank you for a fabulous time!

  • Aylin Hasır (Pamukkale - Hierapolis ( 1 Day ))


    Katıldığım ilk turumdu heyecanlıydım harikaydı benim için herşey olması gerektiği gibiydi teşekkürler

  • Cemre Ayyıldız (Saklıkent(George))


    Merhabalar herşey çok güzeldi aracın kliması beni çok mutlu etti ilgi alaka güzeldi unutulmaz bir tur oldu benim için

  • Kudret Esensoylu (Dalyan - Turtle Beach)


    Öncelikle çok teşekkür ederim çok fazla tur yaptım ama bu aklımdan hiç çıkmayacak herşey anlatıldıgı gibi mükemmel

  • Tijen Güngör (Trip to Rhodes)


    Fethiyeden katıldıgın rodos feribot seferi hizmetinden çok memnun kaldım . Kapıda shengen ile gittik . Birde pasaportla gidilse tadından yenmezdi.

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