Fethiye Bays Tour

The natural beauty where the greenery and blueness of the islands blend under the magnificent view is presented to you flawlessly by our friendly staff, who have great experience in this area, during the tour. Departing from the port with boats under the magnificent morning where the sun slowly rises to the sky and warms the air, you are taken to the special islands.

After arriving at Dalyan bay as the first tour, we provide you the opportunity to swim and sunbathe at special boat spots, while also offering fishing activity during our stay here for those who are interested.


Opportunity for Accommodation on the Islands Along a Great Route

In our second stop, Aquarium bay, which has a crystal blue and offers a visual feast under a magnificent natural scenery, we also provide the same opportunities while allowing you to enjoy the fish and salad specific to the region. The water here is so clear that you can easily see the bottom of the sea. During meal times served as an open buffet self-service, you can freely take what you want and enjoy it with your loved ones under a magnificent view on the boat within the scope of Fethiye Bays Tour.


Chance to Swim and Sunbathe in Different Bays

Turunç bay, which has the most unique and magnificent natural scenery in the world and also offers the best enjoyment of sea, sand, and sun, stands out as the other accommodation place. While swimming under the blue and vast beauty of this bay, you can also enjoy fishing.

For this magnificent day, which is realized at very reasonable prices, by departing from the port early in the morning, you can contact us immediately to experience a magnificent pleasure until sunset.

  • Fethiye Bays Tour

    We participated in a private boat tour because we did not like crowds, food transfer, everything was very special, thank you very much to the captain

  • Fethiye Bays Tour

    We joined the 6 islands boat tour with Seaside travel. We were very pleased with the tour. The places visited were very nice. Everything is very simple and professional on the internet

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