We organize a diving tour so that you can explore the variety of fish types and see the life under water in Fethiye where there is brilliant sea very popular in the world.You don't have to be professional of experienced in diving. We have professional trainers who ewill teach you how to dive.We provide you a fantastic adventure.
You will find yourself in a different world when you witness wonderful beauties under the water in Ölüdeniz.

Our professional trainers will give you information about the equipments and diving area.They will always watch and guide you under water.With the help of full equipped technological devices you can explore this extensive world safely.
Our trainers will help you to take photos or shoot video.During the tour you will feel as if you were flying and watching the sky.You can immortalize the moments by taking photos.


With our experienced and professional trainers , you will explore a magical world and have lots of fun. With available prices you can join these tours.You will see all the sea creatures that you never explored before and have amazing time. You have chance to take photographs of these creatures also.This tour is programmed with a specific route.After a
brifing that our professional trainers give, you can experience this enjoyable activity.
You take this tour first in Dalyan island for a specific time.We give breaks for you and serve delicious food and drinks and some other alternative appetisers.Then we go to the second destination called Aquarium bay.After taking all the precautions you dive there safely.We provide this tour in a professional way that you can enjoy and have a chance to explore beauties of underwater world.


Fethiye diving tours are one of the essential options to have fun in summer time. It becomes very popular among domestic and foreign tourists ever year.You can swim and dive in the crystal clear water and enjoy the time. You can touch the ground and the sea creatures and discover many ruins under water.Besides this, You can do these in available prices.
With this water activity that you can do with your family or friends , you can dive to a wonderful world of sea creatures.It is an easy watersport that needs no special ability.Everybody in all ages can do it. With professional trainers and equipments you have fun and experience this activity by Fethiye Diving Tours.

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