Day Trip to Rhodes

This island, one of the most well-known and famous islands of the Mediterranean, is located approximately 25 nautical miles from Marmaris. You can enjoy the pleasure of experiencing this special island and its culture, which is not entirely unfamiliar to Turkish history, on a day trip. Moreover, as part of a fully equipped Rhodes tour organization, you can easily contact us for all visa procedures required for this day trip, and we can handle this matter for you.In the context of a perfect life that adapts to modern city life, you can explore this special island that has been an inspiration to many special artists from the past to the present, either alone or with your friends and family, at very affordable prices. Additionally, you can take photos or videos by visiting many different architectural structures and cultural textures from a touristic perspective. Since ancient times, this excellent island, which has blended many different cultures and still maintains the feature of keeping its wonderful architectural structures upright, is easily accessible for a day trip.


Enjoyable Day Trip to Rhodes

Especially founded by the St. John Knights of the period and built around the Venetian Castle, which has been preserved quite specially until today, this island also hosts many other different architectural structures along with this castle. To visit all these historical sites and lush green areas covered with forests, all you have to do is to contact us immediately.

By completely resolving all your visa problems and through our day trips that we organize at the most suitable prices for you, we introduce you to every point of this island, which is not far from the borders of Turkey, for you to explore to the fullest. Especially by comfortably visiting different points that have preserved their historical traces from very ancient times as if it were yesterday, we also give you the opportunity to tour the whole island in one day. Within the scope of tours that are carried out entirely with quality planning and program and with a special route, you can have an unforgettable day and create wonderful memories.

This special island, which has remained within the Ottoman Empire for approximately 400 years and has constantly raised architectural structures under the control of the Knights of Malta and Jerusalem as well as the Italians, offers you opportunities to spend your day in the best way possible with us.


For an Enjoyable Day...

Also, within this beautiful island, you can visit the famous Rhodes Statue, known as one of the 7 wonders of the world, the famous Mandraki harbor, and many other different cultural points in a pleasant way. Throughout the journey, we provide all the facilities for you to have a comfortable tourist trip as part of the organization. Moreover, you can see and visit many different points of the city within walking distance from the point we bring you to in a pleasant way.Especially during the summer months, you can contact us immediately for our tours, which are intensively carried out and are conducted at least 6 days a week. You can visit this beautiful island on a daily basis at affordable prices, and you can also leave behind an unforgettable day by doing this with your family or friends. After resolving all the necessary visas and other procedures through us, you can explore every point of this beautiful island after a wonderful boat tour.

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  • Trip to Rhodes
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  • Trip to Rhodes
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