Quad Safari Tour

Exploring the magnificent spots of the region while enjoying the thrill of a safari, either as a group or individually, is one of the indispensable entertainments of the summer months. In this adrenaline-filled pleasure that requires no experience, you can reach great views and witness a stunning nature where greenery meets blue. Riding quads is a unique pleasure, and to ensure you experience it to the fullest, we offer support through a special organization. With our tours held at different times of the day, you can visit many different points that are not normally accessible and enjoy visiting untouched villages with magnificent rivers.


Exciting Tour Opportunity

On the vehicles that you can easily control, you can experience this adventure-filled and fun safari with a completely different excitement without the need for a license or experience. By passing through rugged and muddy paths, you can experience a great thrill, and we offer this pleasure to you at very affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy the entertainment even more. Generally held in the morning and afternoon, you can enjoy this entertainment to the fullest by joining either one or both.

Every summer, those who experience this thrill once, even though the route is the same, still want to experience this pleasure again. By specially bringing you back to the starting point with vehicles, we provide all the safety measures with special helmets and different equipment for riding quads. Then, with a tour guide, we provide this pleasure to you in the best way possible in single or double vehicles in a predetermined route in groups one after another.

Moreover, when you come to specially prepared rugged points, there is no doubt that you will experience this excitement even more. Along the rugged paths surrounded by dense forests, you can experience this pleasure alone or with your friends and family.


Exciting Quad Safari Tour Experience with a Special Organization

After everything is completed, from the moment you set out, there are different surprises waiting for you. At certain points, we prepare different rugged parts to increase the excitement to a higher level and allow you to pass through them in an enjoyable way. After getting dirty passing through muddy areas, we also offer you the opportunity to increase the pleasure by spraying water on you if you wish. By passing through dusty roads, muddy and wet areas, we are proud to offer you a great time with our tours at very affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy an exciting adventure.

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