Ölüdeniz Boat Tour

If you want to experience a memorable holiday by exploring the stunning views of Fethiye where blue meets green, you can join our tour. You can enjoy an unforgettable pleasure from 11.00 in the morning until 18.00 in the evening with our fully equipped boats individually or with your family and friends. This exquisite tour consists of six stops, and you will not miss any place to see in Fethiye region. With our expert captain and experienced crew, we offer you the best routes with the right plan and program. All possibilities you can think of are offered to you in the best way during this tour. Moreover, within the route we have determined for you, you can enjoy the day with snack options and food and beverage services. You can choose from chicken, salad, and fish, as well as meatballs and rice options at different times, and enjoy a delicious time tasting the natural foods of the region with your loved ones.


A Tour of Magnificent Points in Ölüdeniz

In this tour, first of all, we take you to the Blue Cave, where you can witness this magnificent natural beauty firsthand. You can take photos here and enjoy getting lost in a time with a magnificent view. In the following order, you can also visit the Butterfly Valley, one of the most famous places in Turkey and the world. We allow you to explore this place in detail and give you a special time to experience it fully.

Then, we offer you the opportunity to swim in the Aquarium Cove to fully enjoy the sun and blue. While enjoying the crystal-clear sea of Fethiye, you can also enjoy the sun in this accommodation place. Similarly, St. Nicholas Island is also waiting for you. In this special place, where different architectural structures and cultural textures from past to present merge, you can have a pleasant touristic trip. While visiting many different points that come to your mind during a single tour, you can enjoy an unforgettable day alone or with your friends and family, completely getting rid of the intensity of the city and the fatigue it brings. Our fully equipped boats, we offer you the opportunity to see every corner of Ölüdeniz in the best way.


You Can Swim in Wonderful Points

In the continuation of this magnificent tour, we offer you the opportunity to swim in many different points to fully enjoy the sea. Especially the Camel Beach, which has a wide area, allows you to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand to the fullest. With its crystal-clear sea and the surface reflected by the sun's rays, you can sunbathe or swim as much as you want. At the same time, we also make a stop at the Cold Water Bay, where we offer you the opportunity to swim here as well.

By visiting the magnificent points of Fethiye under completely virgin bays, you can end the day with us and leave an unforgettable memory. This magnificent tour, which you will always remember with your family and tell your loved ones, is also specially offered to you in a way that will not strain your budget. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to both touristic tour and swim and sunbathe in this extraordinary place where the magnificent blue sea of the Mediterranean is combined with the waves while traveling, under the waves on the crystal-clear sea.

  • Ölüdeniz Boat Tour
    Ezgi Laçin

    Ölüdenizden ölüdeniz tekne turumuzu satın aldık çok kalabalıktııııııııııı....

  • Ölüdeniz Boat Tour

    I would like to share something about the Ölüdeniz boat tour that I bought online. the sea is a bit choppy but the sights are wonderful. We stopped at 4 places and took a break for 1 hour in each of them, lunch was included and the service was high quality and professional. Thank you Seaside

  • Ölüdeniz Boat Tour

    Oludeniz boat tour, which I participated with seaside company, was great, I recommend it to everyone

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