Fethiye Ölüdeniz Speedboat

We offer an unforgettable experience with our speedboat rental service for those who want to enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean surrounded by the unique landscape of Fethiye. You can speed through the crystal-clear waters of Ölüdeniz, experiencing adrenaline-filled moments with your family or friends.

Fethiye Ölüdeniz Speedboat has become the choice of both local and foreign tourists in the summer months. With this organized activity, you can discover the magnificent bays of the region and even take a trip to different islands. We ensure that you experience this adventure in the safest and most enjoyable way with our special equipment and comfortable arrangements.


An Unforgettable Experience

You can choose this activity at different times and at reasonable prices. Equipped with a full tank of gas, snorkeling equipment, map, and phone facilities, our boat allows you to travel safely with your loved ones in the waters of the Mediterranean. Additionally, you can enjoy swimming by taking breaks in different bays or islands. All these facilities are waiting for you.

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