Fethiye Market - Kayaköy Tour

The Fethiye market, offering a variety of natural products and the region's most delicious and unique plants, is one of Turkey's and the world's most popular tourist areas. This special market day, held on Tuesdays, attracts a great deal of demand, especially in the summer months. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant experience with the Fethiye Market - Kayaköy Tour.

This market is not only the largest open-air market in the region but also stands out as a new and interesting tourist destination. Especially in this market, a wide range of high-quality products, from textiles to souvenirs, is offered to tourists and locals every Tuesday. Through this special market, where very reasonable prices are offered, you can also obtain the region's most special plants.


Enjoyable Touristic Trip...

While acquiring many different and rich options, you can also take a touristic trip within the scope of this market tour. We offer you approximately two and a half hours to explore the region fully. Moreover, we not only allow you to visit this special market, which is set up only on Tuesdays but also enable you to see different architectural structures by visiting the village under a natural structure.

Especially the Kayaköy ancient Greek houses, under their magnificent historical appearance, will almost bathe your eyes in history. While visiting this special village, every part of which smells of history, you can also enjoy a holiday full of fresh oxygen and mental clarity within its dense forests.

Moreover, if you wish, you can have lunch in this beautiful village entirely under the extraordinary view of the ancient Greek houses and take unforgettable photos and videos.


Kayaköy Visit...

In the summer months, Fethiye, which stands out as one of Turkey's most important tourist destinations, offers you the opportunity to make a pleasant shopping by visiting the market tour or the market held on Tuesdays. Within the scope of this special tour, organized specifically for this purpose, while buying various souvenirs and plants of the region at very affordable prices, you can also explore the architectural structures and cultural textures of this magnificent village.

Formerly known as Levissi, Kayaköy is one of the most important places for a purely tourist and cultural tour as it has blended many architectural structures from very ancient times to the present. Moreover, there are many churches, chapels, and old Greek houses from different periods here.

You can explore all these points in a pleasant way, and you can have a great tour with your family at very affordable prices within the special opportunities we offer you. Additionally, you can take photos in the narrow and charming streets of this village and immortalize an unforgettable moment by taking photos and videos here.

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