Fethiye Deep Sea Fishing

Turkey, surrounded by seas on three sides, stands out as one of the countries with a rich variety of fishing opportunities, especially in terms of fishing. In this regard, we offer you this opportunity under a special organization, amidst the magnificent blue of the Mediterranean and its rich variety. If you love this sport and especially want to do it in the crystal clarity of the Mediterranean, we are proud to offer you a special organization with our boat, which is about 12 meters long and equipped with all the equipment for this sport. Thanks to this enjoyable trip, you can have a great time with your loved ones and experience the excitement of catching different varieties by stopping at different points.


Catch Varieties You've Never Caught Before

We provide you with the Fethiye Deep Sea Fishing organization under completely professional service, amidst the magnificent blue scenery of the sun. With our boats, which have all the equipment and offer you comfort in this sport, with a capacity of about 8 people, we allow you to catch varieties that you have never caught before in different places. You can catch the freshest varieties under very affordable prices with your friends and family, without exceeding your budget. Moreover, with the success of catching these large species, you can taste a completely different excitement and experience it throughout the day at different points of our tour.


A Day Filled with Joy Until the Evening

While enjoying fishing in the pleasant spot of the Mediterranean region, you can also witness beautiful bays and islands with the tour. In this way, while having the opportunity to make a daily tour, you can also catch large fish with special equipment and double the joy. We carry out this special tour at the most suitable prices for everyone's budget, starting early in the morning and lasting until sunset. By getting away from the noise and fatigue of the city completely, you can take care of your comfort in a completely peaceful and calm environment and have the chance to see different islands.

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