Camel Tours

Just like in desert countries, you can now experience the joy of camel tours in Turkey as well, and moreover, you can do this under the wonderful sea views surrounded by lush green forests. As part of the special organization tours we offer, while experiencing this joy among the dense forests intertwined with nature, you can also have the opportunity to do it on the beach under personal preferences. The thrill of riding the camel as it sways will give you completely different feelings.


Enjoyable Camel Tour on Different Routes

You can have the chance to participate in camel tours in the magnificent forested areas of the Mediterranean, surrounded by nature. In addition, you can enjoy this magnificent view on the beach as well as under the view of the Ölüdeniz Nature Park. In addition, in another stage of the route, you can experience visiting the historical Kayaköy, which has various architectural structures from the past to the present. You can seize the opportunity to enjoy camel riding tours alone or with your friends and loved ones under this plan and program.


A Different and Exciting Experience

If you want to do a different activity and see the wonderful natural areas of Fethiye from a high point, you should not miss the camel tour opportunity. Camel tours, which have become one of the most beautiful alternative activities in recent years, can be done in groups as well as individually. You can enjoy this joy in the best way with the very reasonable prices we offer you.

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