Meryemana church is in Selçuk -the town of İzmir 9 kilometres away.The church is located on Bülbül mountain.You can reach when you leave from the top door of Ephesus antique town.There are many signboards on the road of the church.There is also an impressive sculpture of virgin Mary.


The church is one of the unique places of the world that is visited by the tourists to be a pilgrim.You can see the gift shops on the way to the church. You enter a big garden in front of the church .There is a key-shaped pool in the middle of the garden.It is baptistery. As the Christions believe that they are born as a transgressor they baptize tehir newborn babies.
There is a small bronz virgin Mary sculpture near the pool.In 1867 it is given as a present by a crowd that are from İzmir.
Before Jesus was crucified when he was 33 , he commend his mother Virgin Mary to st.Jean. St. Jean didn't want Mary to stay in Jerusalem because of the Roman cruelty and come to Ephesus.Mary lived in a house on the Bülbül mountain.It is believed that it is the house where Virgin Mary hided.Vatican declared the house as holy.You should see this place and feel the history when you come to İzmir.

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