There are many options in Turkey for a historical trip within nature.You can join different types of tour organization especially in Fethiye or Antalya.You can take a travel plan on the road of Kemer.On this way, Tlos and Yakapark can be visited.And finally you may visit Saklıkent valley in which you can walk about 2 kilometres.


Tlos ia a Lycian city ruin which located in Seydikemer Yaka neighbourhood Crowning the rounded Acropolis Hill are the remnants of an Ottoman fortress. The Lycians weren't the only ones to appreciate a good mountain stronghold position and this fortress was used by various local brigands during Ottoman rule.On the east side of Acropolis, the remains of the Lycian and Roman city walls can still be seen. Beyond lie the scattered ruins of houses and public buildings, including a hall-like edifice, an Agora, Necropolis and a restored theater.


The second destination is Yakapark tour which is a unique resting area. When you are exhausted with the hot weather you can freshen up there. You can spend unforgettable times there with the beauty of nature and voices of the birds. It is 2 kilometers far from Yaka village and is a kind of place where we can freshen up with the cold spring waters.You can have
traditional breakfast at restaurants.You can taste delicious fish menu in fishfarm restaurants and it is a resting place of the tour before taking a trip to other destinations.


This ravine , 30 kilometers from Fethiye, is cut deeply in to the mountains of the Akdağlar range.Most visitors come to trek the gorge, which has wooden boardwarks along part of the trail high above the river.The last section of the trail is reached by fording the swift-running river itself and then walking through the narrow fissure to the end.Cushion strewn tea houses
are beside the river here if don't fancy walking through the freezing cold water.You can also taste pancakes there.There are also canyoning and rafting trips along the river for the more actively-inclined tourist.In these 3 destinations you can have a different and joyous day. The voyage that starts with history , goes on with swimming and resting and ends with walking in nature.

  • Saklıkent(George)
    Alper Sürgün

    İyi akşamlar. Tatil için geldiğimiz Fethiye'de yapılacak aktivite olarak Saklıkent turunu tercih ettik ve Çalış ofisten Tunç beyden Seaside Travel acentasından biletlerimizi kestirdik ve turumuzda herşey gayet güzeldi araçlar konforlu ve araç personelleri olcukça cana yakın ve samimilerdi her şey için teşekkürler Seaside Travel ailesi.

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    şevval erdoğan

    güzel hatıralar biriktirmeyi seven biri olarak saklıkent turunu önerdiniz. ve bizi pişman etmediniz . 2020 yılında geçirdiğimiz en güzel günlerden biriydi. mükemmel ilgi ve alaka.. hepinize çok teşekkürler seaside travel.

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    Lale Erol

    Slm.. buraya bir teşekkür mesajı bırakmadan eve donmek kabalık olurdu . sizlere ve tüm ekibinize bizi bu doğal ve tarih dolu gezide buluşturduğunuz için çok çok çok teşekkürler :) iyiki varsın Seaside...

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    Cemre Ayyıldız

    Merhabalar herşey çok güzeldi aracın kliması beni çok mutlu etti ilgi alaka güzeldi unutulmaz bir tur oldu benim için

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    Josh W

    I visited Tlos and Saklikent with Seaside Tours and enjoyed an exciting and informative tour. The sights are very impressive, and guide Aysi lit up the journey with her boundless energy. She was great! The tour pace was relaxed and we had plenty of time for activities at Saklikent. Highly recommend Seaside Tours to anyone in Fethiye or Oludeniz!

  • Saklıkent(George)

    Saklikent trip. We booked the trip through the Oludienez office. They collected us from the hotel in a minibus, there was 12 of us in the trip 6 Turkish and 6 English and through out the whole trip the guide called Icesee (I don't know how to spell it) made us feel special. Icesee told us she grew up in the area and used to play in the tombs as a child, she knew everything about the area even walking up to show us the original sliding doors of one of the tombs (you wouldn't have noticed this otherwise). I have to say this trip would have been a great trip with any guide but it was made spectacular by our guide Icesee. Thankyou for a fantastic day.

  • Saklıkent(George)

    We joined the Sakkent tour by bus to avoid getting wet and hot. We were very pleased because we realized when we joined earlier that it was a very short and fun tour with jeep safari. In the tour by bus, we stopped for a long time at the places we stayed and the guide gives professional information and tours with you. The place we ate is Yakapark Restaurant. Everything was great. Thank you seaside

  • Saklıkent(George)

    It was great trip, the guide Melissa was professional, very helpful and funny and has all the information needed for the Trip. We enjoyed our trip a lot with her. She is a dedicated person to her work.

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