If you have a holiday plan and are planning an activity plan, you can reach this opportunity  with Seaside Travel quality and assurance. This package tour, which you will spend your 4 days in the holiday , will make your holiday unforgettable in Fethiye . You can take advantage of the tours listed below with this package tour.

Dalyan Tour- Turtle Beach

Dalyan Tour, which offers you an unforgettable experience in Dalyan region, which has been flooded with tourists throughout the year with its architectural structure that it has preserved from the past, is one of the biggest advantages of this package.

Sultaniye Spas, which we will provide transportation with lake boats, Lycian Cemetery, which has the most known architectural structures in the world, while enjoying the lake view on one side, Dalyan Turtle Beach, where you can enjoy the sea on the other, Caretta Caretta turtles, where we will  be guest on their houses, an unforgettable boat ride on the Dalyan River, and Iztuzu Beach and Kauonos Rock Tombs are among the places we will see and spend time to forget the tiredness of the day and feel cool yourself.

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Pamukkale Tour

With the Pamukkale Tour, which is included in our package, we provide you to visit the travertines which are visited by thousands of tourists every year which  have one of the most wonderful visuals in the world. Experiencing this amazing wonder with its magnificent naturalness and visiting the Hierapolis Theater at the same time will be among the unforgettable memories of your holiday.

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Saklıkent Tour

If your holiday plan includes both fun and also witness to the mystery of history , here is a great option. You will have the chance to see Tlos where you will feel the air of the history , Yakapark  where you will feel cold with its spring water, and Saklıkent  where you will inhale this  hidden paradise.

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Gift (Free)- Fethiye Sunset Tour

To witness the sunset in a romantic environment and to breathe peace with the emotional moments  afterwards. We can summarize this tour only in this words. Watching Fethiye brilliantly with an unforgettable Mediterranean view.

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