Dalyan where there is a marvellous combination of ancient culture, architecture and natural beauties, is becoming very famous for domestic and foreign tourists coming from different countries. Ancient architecture is still standing and the structures are one of the most special places in Turkey. To tour these wonderful places and see the unique beaches you can call us for Dalyan tour.

Sultaniye thermal spring that can be seen with boat trips on the lake, mudpath, sulfurous pool provide you to get rid of the stress and the tiredness of cities. You can get information about the area by the experienced guides and have enjoyable times with your family or individually. During this wonderful trip you can taste open buffet dishes. You can visit Lycian rock graves and take photos.


Dalyan turtle beach that combines a lake view and a sea view gives you the chance to get pleasure from the sea, beach and the sun. In this marvellous bay which is 4.5 kilometers long, you can enjoy the sun and smooth sea and swim under a blue sky. As the sea is not very deep, some people especially children can swim safely. As the lake is next to the sea you have the chance to see caretta carettas and have an unforgettable time. With this tour that is among the options we offer, you can get the pleasure of summer holiday individually or with your family.


Besides watching the wonderful culture and architecture of Dalyan you can rest in the thermal springs and mudbaths.You can take a short trip in town as it has 2500 yeared history. To see caretta carettas let you to spend unforgettable times.

In dalyan turtle beach you can see caretta carettas in their special spawning ground and you can witness this natural event.In this area lake and sea are side by side. Because of this reason there is a specially prepared spawning area for carettas. You can also take photo of these beautiful animals.

The tour continues when you are on the return path. You can see the carettas easily by the boat which hunt blue crabs. You can keep in touch with us for a special and unforgettable tour. With its wonderful nature and the view that combines blue and green. We provide you a joyous day. You can also have it in available prices. You can visit every side of Turkey with your besties without overspending.


During our Dalyan River Boat Tour, we are passing by Kaunos rock-cut tombs and Kaunos Ancient City. Kaunos Rock-cut tombs are unique in the region and all over the world. The tombs are dates back to year 4 B.C. which is Mausolus period in Karia. You will have time to take photos in front of rock tombs, after being informed about region's history and environment.

  • Dalyan - Turtle Beach
    Sinem Öztürk

    Öncelikle herkese iyi günler. Eşimle tatil için Ölüdenize geldik. Ölüdeniz sokaklarında dolaşırken Seaside Travel acentasına Dalyan turu hakkında bilgi almak için gittik. Dalyan turu hakkında güzel bilgiler edindik ve turumuzu aldık. Ertesi gün sabah bizi konakladığımız otelden aldılar. Şöförü rehberi herkes çok cana yakındı ve turdan çok memnun kaldık. Tüm tatilci arkadaşlara tavsiye ederim.

  • Dalyan - Turtle Beach

    Tatil için fethiyeye geldiğimizde turlara kayılmak istedik ve seaside tura karar verdik tur rehberi ve çalısanlar oldukça güler yüzlü ve ilgili keyifli bir tur oldu bizim için.

  • Dalyan - Turtle Beach

    Отдых в Fathie оставил неизгладимое впечатление!!! Посетила Dalyan, потрясающие исторические места, древние памятники архитектуры, очень богатая древняя история. Рекомендую Всем обязательно посетить эти места. Огромное спасибо гидам, очень интересно и подробно опишут историю этих мест. Спасибо русскому гиду Valentine и Yalchinu настоящие профессионалы!!!

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