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Depart from port of Fethiye and drive to Pınara. The remains of several ancient temples can be seen in Pinara, as well as rock tombs including one "royal tomb", an upper and a lower acropolis, a theatre, an odeon, an agora and a church. The name Pinara has somewhat been assimilated to the name of the present-day village of Minare, half an hour below the ruins and depending Fethiye district of Muğla Province, Turkey.. You will continue to Xanthos. Xanthos was the name of a city in ancient Lycia, the site of present day Kınık, and of the river on which the city is situated. In early sources, “Xanthos” is used synonymously for Lycia as a whole. The site has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. You will continue to Letoon for your last visit.


The sanctuary of Leto called the Letoon sometimes Latinized as Letoum, near Xanthos, was one of the most important religious centers of the Lycian region in Anatolia. The site is located between the towns of Kas and Fethiye in Antalya province of Turkey, approximately four km south of Xanthos along the Xanthos River. Archaeological finds at the site, which was never a fully-occupied settlement, but remained essentially a religious centre, date back to the late sixth century BCE, before the Greek cultural hegemony in Lycia, which began in the early fourth century. After all the visits, you will turn back to port of Fethiye.

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